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Western North Carolina Mountain Wedding Venue

Welcome to Delaney Ridge, a beautiful Western NC mountain wedding venue that is a 90-acre haven of woodlands, meadows, and gardens. A serene creek meanders through the property, creating a lush and peaceful setting perfect for your destination mountain wedding. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just 25 miles from Asheville, Delaney Ridge offers not only natural beauty but also easy access to rich Appalachian culture!

Beautiful Poolside Garden at the stunning Delaney ridge. An afforadable mountain wedding venue nestled in Western North Carolina

Your Ideal Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding Venue: Visit Delaney Ridge

Planning a wedding in Western North Carolina? Our venue is your perfect match. We offer a beautiful, heartfelt setting for couples who are genuine, love nature, and each other. Enjoy a vibrant, easy-going atmosphere that respects the land, animals, and people. Celebrate your big day with us, where gratitude and respect make your memories as meaningful as your love! 

What Clients Say

"Probably the best outdoor wedding I’ve ever attended. The scenic landscape is something you have to see in person. It is amazing." - Drew

What Sets Our Western NC Mountain Wedding Venue Apart?

Welcome to Delaney Ridge, where every detail makes your special day unforgettable.

Bridal and Groom Suites On Site

  • Relax and enjoy every moment of your special day. Our venue features dedicated areas for the bride and groom to get ready, ensuring a smooth and stress-free wedding prep.

Complimentary Transportation

  • At Delaney Ridge, we celebrate our rich Appalachian culture. What kind of Western NC wedding venue would we be if we didn't transport your guests straight from the parking lot?

Experience Modern Elegance at Our Reception Venue

  • Discover our brand new, 3,000 sqft industrial-style building designed to elevate your reception experience. With a wrap-around patio and a lighted game lawn, it's perfect for entertaining a wedding up to 150 guests.

Tables and Chairs Included

  • Our Mountain wedding venue has the basics done for you – we provide elegant tables and chairs to accommodate all your guests comfortably.

Additional Wedding Rentals

  • We've got you covered with a variety of rentals, from stunning decor to those must-have items that make everything perfect.

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